BM2 GP45M Direct Fired Space Heater

Code: HRP00092

BM2 GP45M Direct Fired Space Heater GP45M

The Arcotherm GP45M is an extremely well made piece of heating equipment and is designed to be of the highest quality.


-Includes a built-in LPG burner, Piezo electric igniter, thermal flame detector and a safety thermostat, you can be sure that the GP45M is a reliable and robust heater, capable of meeting the demands of industrial and commercial use.

-The Arcotherm GP45M heater is supplied with a 1.5m hose. An optional wheel kit/stacking kit is available.

-With an airflow rate of 1250m³ / hr and a heating capacity of up to 47kw, the GP45M gas heater has all of the heating power needed to be a highly effective heater in a range of industrial and commercial spaces.

-The Arcotherm GP45M gas heater weighs just 13kg, so it can be picked up and moved around easily, to wherever it is needed on site.

-The compact size of Arcotherm GP45M heater makes it ideal for use on small work sites, as well as in industrial and commercial spaces such as rooms in warehouses, factories, workshops and more, to keep the workforce warm and comfortable and assist in the drying of paint work, plastering etc.

-As with all direct fired heaters, the GP45M gas heater must have sufficient ventilation.
Air flow (m3/h) 1950
Air temperature a20degC 62
Max rated heat power HS BTU/h 40,000-159,000 BTU

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